Orientation 2014 Volunteer


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MUN email address:

Will you be using your MUN email address over the summer?

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Phone number:

Program of study:

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How did you hear about volunteering for Orientation?
list serv
tv screens on campus
word of mouth
MUN website

Why are you interested in volunteering for Orientation? What makes you an ideal Orientation volunteer?

Memorial Universityís New Student Orientation is designed to welcome, inspire and socialize new students to the St. Johnís campus while fostering their independence and promoting their scholarly journeys. How can you, as a volunteer, help support this mission statement?

Orientation Volunteers (OVs) take on a variety of responsibilities during Orientation. They work together as part of a team and collaborate with fellow student volunteers, staff members, faculty and community representatives. Volunteers are needed to both act as the face of Memorial interacting with first year students and helping behind the scenes with event set-up and take-down. Each OV participates in a volunteer training session. Please select the responsibilities that you are comfortable executing.
facilitating group meetings
delivering group campus tours
delivering individual/small group campus tours
setting up/taking down events
staffing registration
interacting with first years
implementing tasks behind the scenes

From now until mid-April, we will recruiting and selecting Orientation Assistant Coordinators (OACs). OACs play an important role in not only the execution of Orientation on September 1st and 2nd, but also in the planning of Orientation over the summer. In general, 12-15 OACs are selected to support the Orientation Coordinators and Student Leadership Programs Coordinator as a part of the Orientation team. OACs meeting regularly over the summer and take ownership on a specific aspect of Orientation. In general, OACs volunteer 60-80 hours over the Spring semester. You do not need to be a student in the Spring semester to be an OAC. Are you interested in being considered as an OAC this year? Why do you feel you are an exemplary OAC candidate?

What motivates you to volunteer? (Does not need to be in reference to MUN volunteer experiences)

Have you been previously involved with Memorial's Leadership Programs?

If yes, which program?
Orientation Assistant Coordinator
Orientation Group Leader
Orientation Event Leader
Winter Orientation Volunteer
LEAP student mentor
LEAP Assistant Coordinator
Leadership Development Weekend Volunteer (Horizons)
Memorial Student Leadership Conference volunteer
Memorial Student Leadership Conference attendee
Momentum presenter
Momentum participant
Memorial Ambassador
Building Leaders certificate participant
HIRE! Supervisory Skills leadership certificate participant
IMPACT Global Leadership certificate participant

What are you some of your prior or current volunteer or extra-curricular involvements?

Leading up to Orientation we plan to share information with incoming student via our website and social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We hope to share welcome messages from our volunteers with incoming students. If you were to welcome a new student in 140 characters or less, what would you say? (Please note that by responding to this question, you are giving your consent for us to share your message online)

Orientation Volunteer training (mandatory training) will take place on Saturday, August 30th all day. Are you available to attend this training session?
unsure at this time

Are you available Day 1 of Orientation on Monday, September 1st, 2014?
unsure at this time

Are you available on Day 2 of Orientation on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014?
unsure at this time

Please list any dietary restrictions, allergies or accessibility concerns you may have:

Thank you for your interest in and commitment to the Orientation program.

We hope to contact all prospective Orientation volunteers over the Spring semester.

Did you know volunteering for Orientation can be recorded on your Co-curricular record (CCR)? Check out your CCR by logging in to myMUNlife!

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Answers, visit www.mun.ca/leadership, email leadershipprograms@mun.ca or drop by UC-3005 to talk to Holly.

All information that you have provided is collected under the general authority of the Memorial University Act (RSNL 1990 Chapter M-7) for the purpose of Memorialís Leadership Programs and for no other purpose. If you have any questions about the volunteer application, please contact Holly White, Student Leadership Programs Coordinator at 864-3534 or holly.white@mun.ca.