Go Abroad Volunteer Assistants

As the Go Abroad Coordinator for the Faculty of Arts and Career Development and Experiential Learning, it is my job to promote international study, work, and volunteer programs to students, act as a go-to person and advisor for students interested in pursuing these programs, and increase awareness of available resources and opportunities.

A very large part of my job is to work specifically with the Faculty of Arts study abroad programs to give support to Faculty Coordinators who are taking students abroad, facilitate pre-departure orientation and safety and security briefings for student participants as well as post-trip debrief/ reflection sessions, and act as a liaison between students and Arts and Career Development.

The Go Abroad Coordinator also hosts the Go Abroad Fair each semester.

I am seeking motivated, enthusiastic, and reliable student volunteers to act as assistants for the Go Abroad office. This would include helping to promote and spread awareness of the existence of the Go Abroad office and the various international opportunities available, helping disseminate posters, promotional materials, and information, and assisting with the Go Abroad Fair, before, during, and after.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to have any experience studying, working, or volunteering abroad to be a volunteer.


MUN e-mail address:

Program and year of study:

Student Number:

Why are you interested in volunteering with the Go Abroad office?

What skills and experiences do you have that would make you a suitable assistant for Go Abroad programs?

As there are no set hours for this volunteer position, rather you will be e-mailed and asked about your availability to complete a task or help out as tasks arise. Do you feel able to commit to 1-2 hours a week throughout the semester?

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Thank you for your interest!

Zaren Healey White
Go Abroad Coordinator
Career Development and Experiential Learning | Faculty of Arts
University Centre room 4009
Memorial University
864-2152 | zaren@mun.ca | goabroad@mun.ca